“Everything is Going Wrong but We’re so Happy” is everything. It’s photographs, it’s collage, it’s a zine, it’s audio, it’s junk and ephemera.

A large majority of my inspiration comes from late 1970s/early 1980s visual Punk culture.The idea that none of it was really supposed to last intrigues me. The ephemera was supposed to be ephemeral but people held on to it because it meant something to them, or it was unintentionally stuck into a book and forgotten about for years. Because everything can be disposable, it makes what sticks around more interesting.

I’m drawn to the idea of collecting all these items and the mythology that circulates around the act of collecting. The value is in the hunt for the items and what happens along the way. I am fascinated by the cluttered world around me and the stuff that it contains. Through my photographs and collages I aim to gather up that world and be a part of what is disposable to some and collectible to others.