“Everything is Going Wrong but We’re so Happy” is everything. It’s photographs, it’s collage, it’s a zine, it’s audio, it’s junk and ephemera.

A large majority of my inspiration comes from late 1970s- early 1980s visual punk culture. Did anyone in 1980 really think that in 2019 any would still want a 1980-81 calendar poster designed to promote Blondie’s then new album “Autoamerican”? I doubt it. The idea that none of it was really supposed to last intrigues me. There was no monetary value in them (at the time, now they’re “rare collectible items”, oh the irony), but people held on it them because they wanted to, or it was something that got stuck into a book and forgotten about for years. Because everything can be disposable, it makes what sticks around more interesting.

Most of the images in this work are of ephemeral items, temporary signs that served their purpose, graffiti, garbage left on the curb, doorways and storefronts that look one way one day and are gone tomorrow. Call me cynical, but I don’t believe in a utopia, the truth is stranger than fiction. For me the fun is in making sure those things never really disappear and in having the proof that they existed in the first place.